Past Events Gallery - (2012-2013)
Mega Programme - Pongal Vizha - 01-02-2013   -   1 Feb 2013
Mega Programme - Pongal Vizha - 01-02-2013

Mega Programme - Pongal Vizha - 01-02-2013

பொங்கல் விழா - 01/02/2013

விழா நாள் - 01 .02 .2013 - வெள்ளிக்கிழமை
இடம் : அமேரிக்கன் இண்டர்நேஷனல் பள்ளி - மைதான் ஹவல்லி ( AIS - Maidan Hawally)


Kuwait Tamizh Sangam(KTS) celebrated their annual mega programme ‘Andrum, Indrum, Endrum’ “ Mega Musical Nite “ at American International School auditorium Maidan Hawally, on Friday 01st February 2013. Programme started with Tamizh Thai Vazhthu followed by lighting of the traditional Kuthu Vilakku. The show was anchored by one of the most vibrant and popular TV host Priyadharani.


The programme stood out for its repertoire starting from devotional, melody, folk to fast numbers from Tamil movies of different eras. Anooradha Sriram, a versatile playback singer captivated the hearts and minds of the crowd and enthralled the audience with her exquisite, unique, rich voice. She was aptly supported by Sri Raaj Melodies Orchestra ensemble headed by Sridhar. Sridhar along with Parveen’s mellifluous voice was equally extravagant. Frenzied participation of all the musicians on stage added limelight to the programme.


Well known play back singer Vel Murugan’s lively performance of folk songs was notable.  The show was interspersed with ‘Robo‘ Shankar’s hilarious and enjoyable mimicry which maintained the vibrancy of the show. His timing was apt and related to the current events happening at that moment in the auditorium. 


KTS President Dr.P. Ravikumar and General Secretary Mr.A. Mariappan along with event Sponsors released the yearly souvenir Pongal Malar. More than 1500 audience thoroughly enjoyed the well organised show till the end late in the evening. Kudos to the KTS team on their successful and professional event management.


Navaraathiri vizhaa - 19-10-2012   -  19 Oct 2012
Navaraathiri vizhaa - 19-10-2012

நவராத்திரி விழா - 19/10/2012

விழா நாள் - 19 .10 .2012 - வெள்ளிக்கிழமை
இடம் : கார்மல் பள்ளி - கைதான் ( Carmel School - Khaitan)